Monday, February 23, 2009

Episode 638

Read the comic here.

I think it'd be pretty tough to play a future version of yourself at Poker. I'd know if you were bluffing.


Geoffrey said...

Hmm ... Chris are you trying to say Mary Sue and Fox are one and the same? Of course, Mary Sue can't be Fox or the BH universe would've imploded by now. But it does seem implied that way in today's strip.

I actually think it'd be a lot tougher to out-bluff Fox, with that look on her face in panel 4, it'd be easier and safer to out-bluff a rattlesnake!

BTW, there seems to be some problems with Google's word verification - twice now it didn't show any word verification at all or it popped up the graphic placeholder briefly and then went blank. Which means I have to force reload of the page in FireFox in order to actually see a word verification image!

Nick said...

....No, he's saying Fox and Mother Tango are the same one.

Great escaper said...

Geoffrey, Ive been having the same problem

Ben said...

whred you get those poker pieces(1x2 tile)

Martijn said...

@ Ben: they are from the Western theme. There was hardly a set available that DIDN'T have one in it.