Monday, February 2, 2009

Advent Madness: VS - Trophy Time!

Advent Madness Awards Ceremony

Yesterday, my wife and I watched the Superbowl at Player A's home. This gave me a chance to finally deliver the Advent VS trophy to her daughter, Player B.

Photos after the jump.

Here's Player B with her Major Award

And a detail shot of the trophy.

It's a long wait until the next round of Advent Goodness - I may have to revisit the "VS" theme before then. This was just too much fun to let die off...


`Lex said...

Please do! Those were awesome!

Maybe Lego Star Wars vs. Lego Serenity, in a quest to capture the first Lassiter Brand Light Sabre.

somesome said...

perhaps something with items sent to you by readers

or impulse sets

or brick house/reasnbly clever charicters

Great escaper said...

OH yeah, please please please do it, I loved the VS format, it was fun seeing the ingenuity of the players, it lives up to the true spirit of LEGO, using your imagination to create the things you want and playing with them, as opposed to the fixed sets they have now -.-

Christopher Doyle said...

What I'd really like to do is some sort of "play by comment" system where I could pit my readers against a remote player.

Maybe a day to let people suggest moves, then a day or two of voting by email?

I dunno.

Suggestions on how I could make that work?

Great escaper said...

Well on the site, they had a sort of interactive story going on, where the admin posted a comic strip of something, then the readers posted what happened next, then the admin chose the best one amd drew it, it was pretty funny, some people suggested the weirdest things lol, you could do something like that, choose the best move or the funniest yourself from the comments?

Great escaper said...

Also this site here,, you can create a free poll on anything you like, in this case, the winning move, post the link in your blog post, and let us vote on which move we want

Great escaper said...
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Great escaper said...

Sorry for the double post but I just read you can embed the poll right into blogger so you dont send your readers away to a diffrent site

Zacknut said...
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Zacknut said...

You could do some large scale thing w/ many people playing by comment, like 20. Would be extremely hard to keep track of though.

In relation to Friday Fail

Geoffrey said...

How about pitting two LEGO themes against each other?

This could go beyond the Advent Wars, and you could for instance have various Impulse sets face off each other. And so Chris can have some extra fun, he throws in these cheap and nasty "Friday Fail" sets he's been reviewing.

Basically, what you do is a "destruction test" - which set will fall apart so badly it cannot be reassembled into anything vaguely resembling what it was originally intended to build out of the box.

I'm betting these cheap and nasty ripoff bricks will definitely fall apart first, especially if Chris does it right on his end. ;)

Although, I would like a model building contest, too! I need a reason to look for something creative to build out of LEGO.

Great escaper said...

I agree with Geoffrey, it sounds like a good idea, and yea, pit two bootlegs againist each other, although the amount of parts might be a problem.

Geoffrey said...

@Great Escaper: Actually I meant have two LEGO sets contest each other with the hapless bootlegs as a 3rd party getting attacked by both the LEGO sets in a round-robin style of damage beyond playability.

Optionally, the two LEGO sets could also face each other off as well.

BrickZun said...

Pirates 'vs' Ninjas ... of course!

Or ... Star Wars 'vs' Orcs in Castle Fantasy Era ~

As for readers' participation: Can you embed a Poll into a specific post?