Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 627

Read the comic here.

On the road today, so this strip will be free-floating until I get to the hotel (and their internet access) tonight. Aren't you blog readers lucky to see it early?

(Don't worry, Friday Fail is already in the queue and will auto-publish at noon as usual.)


Geoffrey said...

Eleventy-some means he's 110-some years old - wow, will BH the comic be around long enough to get there? ;)

I wonder if Darth Croissant will get there a little too late?

Great escaper said...

Lol, Bilbo Fett? Damn Chris, now you have the *There taking the hobbits to Isengard* song stuck in my head.

Also, that guy seems to have very short legs, is he one of the ones to have the mutant leg variation first mentioned way back in strip #3? If so, kudos for sticking to continuity! He could have turned to bounty hunting to avoid being persecuted by everyone else.