Monday, February 16, 2009

Episode 632

Read the comic here.

Sorry for the delay. Monday's strip will be up this afternoon.

Yes, that's another new (huge!) set and a brand new shuttle craft. For those of you who would like a better view of them, I've put up a page with a few larger views here.


Uncle Servo said...

VERY nice shuttle! I'm assuming the side pods are for "passengers" and not as a floatation device in the unlikely event of a water landing?

Christopher Doyle said...


Yeah, the pods are prisoner transports. We may even see them in action at some point...

I'm debating whether to christen her the "Baggins" or the "Wee Willy"

Fedora Guy said...

I really love the mix of Slave-1 and hobbit architecture with the shuttle. How long did the set take to construct, if I may ask?

Great escaper said...

The shuttle reminds me of a LEGO submarine I had as a kid, found it on Bricklink, set 6441 Deep Reef Refuge,

Christopher Doyle said...


The set took a couple of hours - it's not particularly complex, it just eats a lot of grey beams and panels.


Yeah, I had that design in mind when building. It's hard not to, when you use those round window panels. It's a *bit* more complex in construction than the sub, though. ;)