Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Comics Delay

Okay gang, my day job has really been kicking my butt. As a result, I'm way behind on the comic-creation schedule. No comic today, probably not tomorrow either.

Once I'm back on track I'll publish 7 days a week until I'm caught back up. I'm not expecting to lose more than two or three days - but I've got to get out from under this.



Shinkiller said...

No problem Chris, Real Life always comes first!

Look fwd to the next issue when it's up.


Saber Lion said...

Pfft; you're working too hard to create the comics; and yet you insist that you do seven days a week when you can?

Couldn't you just do the same; but be ahead of schedule so if you don't get the time to create a strip one day; it's already done and you just have to do an extra one another day?

I don't know how you work at it though.

Christopher Doyle said...


My plan is always to have a week or so "ready to go", and sometimes I get to that point...then slowly eat through the excess.

I see what you're saying though - take those two (or three) extra days that I'd "overpublish" and stock the queue. I might cave and do that...it really depends on how the catch up sessions go.

Geoffrey said...

Well, Chris, at least you haven't got to the babbling loony stage yet! ;-)

When you do get to that stage, if you realize it, then it might be time to think about the comic in a new light.

Until such time, however, I fully expect that your day job, which puts food on your family's table, will come first, and always. The comic is just an extra that you put together for us at your pleasure. There's no real need for you to rush on our account.

Fedora Guy said...

We'll miss you, but we understand. Patience...is...a...virtue...

Danny said...

i think we all understand that you put work first and it's nice to know that your willing to help your family

C-Shorey said...

Im back!