Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Episode 624

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For those of you who are wondering about it, let me explain the version of time travel rules that I'm using for the Brick House. It's mostly the model that DC comics uses, with a few tweaks.

If you travel to the past you can't change anything. You can try, but you'll always fail for some reason.

If you DO manage to change the past, well, then you've created a new alternate timeline that splits off from that point. So you still don't really get to change anything. (Or you traveled back to an alternate universe to start with.)

You can co-exist with a past self with no ill effects due to the above. (Note that the characters aren't sure about that right now, so they'll continue to try and avoid touching themselves. As is good and proper for a mostly PG comic.)


Geoffrey said...


For those of you who don't get what a bint is, it is a stupid girl, or woman - in this case her own future self. And apparently she's going to turn into that future self regardless of what she or Wash tries to prevent happening.

Unless of course, this future self is merely an alternate future self that would come to pass if certain events take a logical course.

Ian said...

If any of you aren't too grown-up to read comic books, DC's excellent Booster Gold series is an in-depth look at time travel and the problems that come from messing around with the past.

Great escaper said...

This theory of time travel makes more sense than the theory about shooting your grandmother before your born therefore making you not being born and incapable of killing your grandmother, so she would be alive to give birth to your mother and therefore you so you can kill her, geting caught in a causality loop,the theory where you cant change the future makes more sense than that paradox above!

Jordan said...

this doesn't relate to the comic but ehat happened to serenity 4, I haven't seen any updates in ages. If you are still building it can you try to stick in as many lighting pieces as possible and maybe even a motor for the light ring.

Jordan said...

ehat, oops, I mean what.

C-shorey said...

Yes, I leared time traveling from DC comics too.
I really like the Flash, He And all of him,(for those who read enough comics),ROCK!!!

Thomas said...

You know, for a strip that has now mentioned BTTF twice, I would have expected the time-travel rules to follow that more than DC. Ah well, if that were true, the comic would have blown up months ago.