Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 639

Read the comic here.

Wash has always been slow to rile, but having his kids go missing is sure to be enough to bring out his destructive side.


Ben said...

What is it with Darth croissant and kidnapping main characters children.
Okay, lil' whiskey was an accident, but I guess Big whiskey would also be washes son.

somesome said...

does anyone realisize what the next comic is?episode 640?mother tango said that something happend in 640.i beliver it could include scotch and wash fighting.

Geoffrey said...

His destructive side? What about Fox's overprotective side? Some mothers can get pretty wild when they get overprotective!

Which would be to go after them - I wonder how long it'll be before they discover the landing craft on the security monitors?