Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spooky Star Wars: The Winners!

Well, you've all been very patient - at long last here are the winners of the Reasonably Clever Spooky Star Wars competition!

It was a smaller turnout than we expected, but we were still pleased with the quality and variety of entries. The guest judges from Lucasfilm added a very interesting twist to the results - they were looking at the models from a different perspective than our usual crop of LEGO-addicted judges. Models that might not have even placed in earlier competitions scored quite high.

So: Here's the roll call of top finishers for our four categories!

Class One: Spooky Vehicle

CT-PT: Cthulhu Terrain - Pumpkin Transport
by: Polywen

2nd Place: EYE-Fighter by George Fox
3rd Place: Skull Interceptor by Luke Chapman
4th Place: heX-Wing by Greg
5th Place: Grevious' Sleepy Hollow Starfighter by Nioco

Class Two: Spooky Scene

The Legend Of Sleepy Endor
By Polywen

2nd Place: "Help me take this mask off..." by Sebastian Sand
3rd Place: Zombie Solo by Dave the Rave
4th Place: The Jawas of Death by S1MP50N
5th Place: Boba Fett Gets a Rock by Timothy Ratner

Class Three: Spooky Impulse

Ben's Trophy Room
by Dave Lartique

2nd Place: Death Star Seance by SuperDave
3rd Place: TAG (Twin Arcachnid Geeble) Fighter by Cadder
4th Place: A slight stomach ache by Generally Shrouded
5th Place: "One Things for Sure, We're all going to be a lot thinner" by Luke Chapman

Class Four: The Death of Jar Jar

The Successful Hunt
by Mr. Meep

2nd Place: Order 67 by Polywen
3rd Place: "Oops..." by Lt. de Martinet
4th Place: Jar Jars accident at the Jar Factory by Kaczor
5th Place: The Rack by rknum

If you look closely you'll that this was very nearly a sweep by Polywen - he entered three classes and took 1st, 1st, and 2nd in them. Luckily for the other contestants you can only win one Ranking award per contest! Polywen decided to keep the Class Two prize - meaning that the Class One award passed to the 2nd place finisher, George Fox. 

It's also worth mentioning that the Far Side Award winner Raxor (for his Candy Corn Star Destroyer) donated his prize to charity.  Since that was such a cool gesture I donated a couple of extra sets in his name as well.  Thanks for being such a cool person.

And that wraps up the Spooky Star Wars contest! Thank you to all who participated and all those who read along. The next contest will be announced in early January - stay tuned!


Dave Lartigue said...

Thanks folks! And congrats to all the winners!

Al459163 said...

I see I didn't place, but since this is one of my first contests that's to be expected.

Kaczor said...

4th place! Awesome! :D

tchad said...

Kaczor, I would have given you 1st; awesome build and funny concept. Congrats to all the winners!

Nioco said...

5th place ! I'm SO happy ! I will probably make better shots of my models (new facility and more time should help). I can't wait till the next contest ! Congrats to all ! All those creations : it's very inspiring.

Luke Chapman said...

Congratulations to the winners. I'm personally very please with 3rd and 5th places. Thanks

Mr. Meep said...

Oh my gosh! I actually won 1st place in class four!!! I'll be entering more of these in the future, that's for sure! =D

Mr. Meep said...

Also, do you know when the winners will receive their prize-claiming emails?

Anonymous said...

I wanna a Christmassy contest around 15-16 of December. Maybe a christmas Indiana Jones contest!