Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 563

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The Fish-On-A-Stick is a part from the new 2009 Pirates line. I found a few of the smaller sets at Toys R Us on Sunday morning. As you can see, I couldn't wait to incorporate it into the strip. Because, come on, fish on a stick!

For my non-American readers, the State Fairs in the US have a history of producing a varitey of "foods on sticks" for the fairgoers to enjoy. I've seen everything from corn to pizza to, yes, fish.


Ian said...

The pinnacle of the food-on-a-stick phenomenon (aside from Jose, the Jalapeno on a Steeck), has to be the battered, deep-fried Twinkie.

I have grand mal heart palpitations just thinking about one.

Nick said...

Down in Texas, instead of being on a stick, everything is fired. Oreos, Cookie dough, bacon, you name it, somebody probably fried it.

I am Jose Jalapeno...on a steeck.

Christopher Doyle said...

Ian, Nick:

I'm waiting for a chance to try the deep-fried coke-a-cola.

Nick, the fairs I've been to have been about a 60/90 mix on Stick vs Fried - over half the food on a stick but almost all of it fried.

But there's nothing funny about fried fish by itself. ;)

And for those of you not getting the Jose refrences:
(But avoid the Xmas album. It's lame.)

Uncle Servo said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one reminded on Jose, the Jalapeno "on a steek." I've seen him a few times live... hilarious!

And Nick -- I have never been so nauseated in my whole life as the time I had a SNICKERS that had been deep fat fried. And where was it? At a county fair. Oy.

Katie said...

The Iowa State Fair has everything you could imagine on a stick. This year there were claims of Salad on a Stick, I couldn't find the actual booth though. I settled for a nice fried cheese on a stick, though I was tempted by the fried pickle on a stick at the next booth. Thank God the state fair only comes once a year!

Cat said...

Isn't it great that I am eating sushi while reading this?

Not on a stick, though.

TK1420 said...


Ditto on the "fried snickers on a stick". Kinda looks like fried poo. Bleh.

As my grandfather would've said, I had it "twice at the same time- First AND last" at the South Plains Panhandle Fair in Lubbock, Texas.

Nick, you called it on the everything being friend here in Texas.

Between here and the S-Team blog, I'm on a roll for verification words today. Here I have: "undie"

Not sure whether that is "to come back to life", or shorthand for underwear.

Nick said...

It means coming back to life, Stephan Pastis says so.

Zacknut said...

Just ran out, much to my mom's protest, to grab one! Pirates are back!!

Geoffrey said...

Believe it or not, it's actually possible to fry ice-cream. Although you have to be careful the pan doesn't get too hot.

Not sure it works for deep-fry, I believe the deep-frier would be at too high a temperature for it to work.

I'm not sure how we ended up discussing deep-fried food from sushi. Sushi is cooked rice with strips of vegetable or raw fish product rolled around or pressed into the center of it.

Baron said...

Nice idea. Like the usage of the new fish on a stick idea. Although, I personally think you should bring back colada, pineapple man. Still, without him, your daily comics RULE!!!