Monday, November 3, 2008

Episode 553

Read the comic here.

I nearly left off the part of the caption dealing with Scotch's wardrobe, but realized someone would bitch about it if I didn't explain why his outfit was suddenly different.

It was nice to return to an already-built set for this scene. Also note that Donut has his Sonic Martini out again.


Ian said...

Someone would bitch? Geez, Chris, what kind of obsessive fans do you think you have, anyway? ;)

TK1420 said... long as Chris doesn't go back and make Scotch kiss first, I'll be happy.


Geoffrey said...

Ian: Just out of curiosity, if you were writing this storyline, how would you have yourself get Scotch out of this fractured fairytale pickle he's in?

Chris: Nice job on the storyline so far, can't wait to see how many other fairytales you can fracture or break while the gang's in the Castle Advent universe!

Nick said...

Speaking of Advent, is Mary Sue still coming back during the Advent season?