Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spooky Star Wars: Far Side Judge Award

Today's contest announcement is the Winner of my personal  FAR SIDE AWARD. This is the model that I liked the best. The builder will receive 4916: Mini-Animals as their prize.

Let me say first that this was a particularly tough choice. There were quite a few models I really enjoyed. But only one took the contest in an unexpected direction for me:

Imperial Candy Corn Destroyer
by: Raxor

What can I say? There's no candy spookier to me than those icky candy corn thingies...and to combine them with the evil of a Star Destroyer? Pure genius. And the micro scale work is impressive, too.

Raxor, be on the lookout for an email from me to arrange shipment of your prize.


Dave Lartigue said...

I loved this model. Congrats!

takua-777 said...

congratz. still no win for me. :(

dave the rave said...



I hope the next person likes my creation or I'm never entering a contest again.

Anonymous said...

Considering the crap quality of your entries Dave, that'd probably save everyone a bit of time.

Christopher Doyle said...

Hey now... we can't be sure if the Dave commenter is "the" Dave the Rave since it's just a Name/URL box and not a passworded ID, but I do need to chime in here.

Dave: Steve Sanweet from frickin' Lucasfilm took time to comment on your entry. Which, really, didn't involve any building at all that didn't come directly from a LEGO kit. I'm shocked you really got that much response. Regardless, bitching about not winning isn't scoring you any bonus points - it just makes you look like a sore loser.

I happen to enjoy the wide range of skill levels my contests seem to bring in. Look around at the other LEGO sites - you find mostly master-builder entries and naught else. I like to think we're showcasing the people who are on their way to that status - a rare chance to see people's skills evolve and grow.

Raxor said...

Thank you everyone, I'm glad everyone liked it.

Nick said...

I'm still hoping Boba Fett Gets a Rock wins something.

Raxor said...

I was really mad I couldn't do the figure scale Star Destroyer, but there was no way I could amass that mush orange in time. Its funny to see how far I have made it in a couple months looking at my picture quality and building level.

Peppermint said...

Well, my friends and family liked my creation, I just entered as a bit of fun on a rainy day. =D
I love that candycorn destroyer, a sweet treat that'll make you freak (or, thats what I'd do if i saw one of those bearing down on me...)
Congrats to all the winners so far =D
Can't wait for the next contest (and miffed I missed the steampunk one)

m said...

You silly Americans with your silly corn ;)