Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Episode 564

Read the comic here.

A classic problem with Festivals set up to mimic the realities of Medieval England - they had neither ATMs, nor phones, nor Port-o-sans.

On the other hand, who would want to go to a festival without those modern conveniences?


Dakota said...

I love the webcomic. Anyways, what set does the white WANTED piece on the bulletin board come in.

Great escaper said...

Another Matrix refrence =/ What happened doyle, rent the matrix triolgy or something?

Christopher Doyle said...


It's a sticker on a white tile from a police set...I really don't remember which one.

Great Escaper:

While Neo does use that line...but so have a lot of *other* folks. For once it *wasn't* intended as a Matrix reference. :)

Anonymous said...

Does Whiskey want to make the fat man go boom? [refernence to TDK]

Dakota said...

Thanks Mr.Doyle.