Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spooky Star Wars: The First Winner

It's time to start unveiling the winners for the Spooky Star Wars competition!

First, though, I'd like to note that I've posted the comments from the three judges we've heard from to the entry grids - there are some hints there on how things are shaping up, although it's still anyone's game in the final scores.

Anyway, our first announcement is for the Imperial Award. This is the model that TK-1420 liked the best  - and who's builder will receive some cool 501st swag!

And the winner is....

THE RACK by rknum

TK-1420 comments: EVERY STORMTROOPER'S DREAM. Well done!!

Well done, indeed! rknum, look for an email from Ian in the coming days to arrange for your prize to be delivered!

Tomorrow: Steve Sansweet's DARK SIDE award!


takua-777 said...

shaping up to be another kobayashi maru for me.

dave the rave said...


Another contest that I lost. The next guy better like my creation...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dave. Stay classy there.

Anonymous said...

Dave: Good for you.