Monday, November 3, 2008

Spooky Star Wars: Grids are Closed!

The Entry Grids for Spooky Star Wars are now closed. If you emailed me and don't see your model listed, please contact me ASAP.

The next step is creating the Ranking Spreadsheets and getting them to our judges - I hope to have that accomplished by tomorrow.

We ended up with the following breakdown:
  • Class One: Spooky Vehicle: 22 Models
  • Class Two: Spooky Scene: 25 Models
  • Class Three: Spooky Impulse: 21 Models
  • Class Four: Death of Jar Jar: 17 Models

That's a total of 85 Creations - a smaller turnout than I expected, but still quite nice. (I'm sure our judges will appreciate the lighter workload.)

I'm probably not going to run a November challenge - but I should have something ready for December. I don't have a sponsor for the next round, so I'll have to dig into the prize closet and see what's available...


Anonymous said...

It's quality not quantity that counts though.

Al459163 said...

There are some good creations it's hard to tell wich ones will win.

Anonymous said...

Do you know more or less when the winner will be announced?

Anonymous said...


Would you be interested in giving one of my books away as a prize?

Mariann Asanuma

pr0visorak said...

When are the results going to be released?

Christopher Doyle said...

Mariann Asanuma:

I'd love to! Drop me a line at and we can discuss methodology!