Thursday, October 18, 2007

Site Redesign

I'm in the process of making a few changes to the site, particularly the ditching of the forum, the addition of this blog, and a few cosmetic tweaks here and there.

I've updated the main site's template files (over 1000 pages of content! Who knew?) but I'm sure there are few odds and ends that were overlooked in the sweep. If you happen to spot a page with the old formatting, add a comment here so I can fix it.

There are still a few "deep links" to the old forum in the site. Those will be updated a bit more slowly as I have to port the content out to new html pages.

As far as RSS feeds go, I'm ditching the old rcfeed.xml that I started with. There are currently two feeds you can follow:
If you have a Livejournal, you can follow the feeds by clicking these links:
Reasonably Blogged and Comic Feed

Hope you enjoy the new look - it should make navigation a lot easier.


ian said...

I must say, I tried a forum for AST and found the blog to be a much better choice overall. :)


lolrus said...

lots of stuff in the forum was dead anyway.

takua-777 said...

i'm still fighting for a forumcircle. and an MSN account.