Friday, October 19, 2007

Episode 241

Read the comic here.

I've been running a bit behind in my strip-creation duties. Normally I like to have a week (or more!) strips ready to upload, but lately I've been assembling the next day's strip once I get home from work.

Today's strip was a lucky break for me - I wanted to take a moment to show how severe Wash's injuries were, but wasn't sure the best way to go about it. And then Papya commented about yesterday's strip asking "Is Wash dead now?" I replied back that, Wash being a zombie and all, he'd been dead for a while.

And thus today's strip was born.


ian said...

My goal is to have a six-week lead time, because things ALWAYS happen. Right now it's down to one or two weeks, but I just wrote a whole pile of strips for the upcoming Mars Remission contest and will shoot those this weekend. ;)

With luck, I won't have to work on the strip at all during November, which suits me just fine.


Christopher Doyle said...

I think the best I've managed so far was a three-week buffer - but I'm going to have to finish next weeks strips in the next 24 hours as I'll be out of town and unable to do my usual "last minute hustle".

Frankly, though, you NaNoWriMo people scare me. I'm shocked you can get *anything* done in November with that sort of deadline over your head...

Zacknut said...

Hey Chris can I put a kidsafe MM on my site?

Christopher Doyle said...

Sorry, Zack, I don't let people use the Mizers on any site other than Reasonably Clever. (If anyone knows a site that is stealing it, let me know so I can contact their hosts about their infringement and get it taken off.)

You can link to it if you want, of course. And you're always free to use the graphics you create on the site however you'd like.

Zacknut said...