Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mars Re-Mission Entry: The Funkatron2001

Another new take on the Astro Fighter - this time builder Scott Albert presents us with a mech-like application. His creation? The Funkatron2001.

Scott included a 3meg GIF of the Funkatron2001 in action, so I took the liberty of condensing it down to a 300k AVI. (Probably could have gone even smaller with it, but that was the only converter I had handy this morning.) No sound, but well worth your 16 seconds.

Click the link or photo above to see his full entry page, and to watch the video.


takua-777 said...

non related to the post but:

goodbye forums. *sniff*

Zacknut said...

Man he got moves

And I aggre- Goodbye forum that I loved *sobs*