Monday, October 15, 2007

Mars Re-Mission Entries

The challenge level is certainly rising - two more entries were submitted this weekend, and both are quite good!

First up is an entry from Jordan Cross. Jordan was the winner of the TRON Challenge with his working Disc Game - and his entry for this contest is equally impressive.

Yes, it's a jet fighter - but in the spirit of the Re-Mission the re-purposed recon jet turned military jet has been re-purposed again for use AIR SHOW! Presenting the STUNT ASTRO!

Next up, Anthony J Sunderhaus treats us to an expansion of the basic set - the Party Cruiser!

In addition to the photos of the Party Cruiser itself, we're also treated to a bit of a story centering around the Re-Mission theme.

Click on the picture or links above to check out both entries!

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