Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Episode 668

Read the comic here.


Great escaper said...

0.0 Wow wasn't expecting that, ok, I have a wild theory, I think fish control people just like the Scotch's froggy friends controlled people in a previous episodes, mabye the fish people are at war with the frogs! Then we may finally see some back story, although I said this once before right before the plot did a 180 so im not holding my breath.

Ben said...

Wow... the rest of his body either pulled a jedi and disappeared, or he was number 1 customer at Cybernetics "r" us.

Anonymous said...


My guess, from a quick search at Bricklink, is that it would be part x59, an ornamental fish, in "trans-dark pink" color. Also, per Bricklink, it appeared in three sets, one of which was the 2007 Belville Advent Calendar. That would be my #1 pick as to where Doyle got it from, since we all know he had it... might also be a hint to the plot???