Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Fail: Challenger

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Suddenly, a Challenger appears.

Today we return to the Bootleg Brand that sparked the Daily Fail: BRICK. Part of the "Super Bricks Series", Challenger confronts you with all the rage and hate that a bootleg can muster! Don't be too scared, though - it's just a hunk of crappy plastic.

The package front is a nice mix of product imagery and stock photography - the atmosphere of a ruined inner-city wasteland fill the air - much like it does here in Detroit.

Note, as usual, the BRICK logo's use of LEGO's trademakred colors and fonts. No attempt to confuse the customer there!

The back of the box has more "Challenging" images for us to enjoy. This set isn't a direct copy of any single LEGO product - in fact, there are some parts included that aren't even clones of LEGO bricks. We'll look at those deviations in a little bit. For now, just enjoy the lack of proof reading in the classic BRICK copypasta:

Vivid Andgreat In Style
Handsome Appearance

I included this side panel just for the strange background photo. It looks as if the Challenger has stopped at Mackinac Island for some fudge. (Yes, another regional Michigan reference. Sorry.)

Since it's been a while since we've looked at a BRICK bootleg, here's the text from the side panel again:
  • Most New Catena
  • Completely New To Come In To The Market
  • More New Items Available

The instructions are pretty easy to follow. Most of the 23 parts (as listed on the box) come from having to assemble the mini-figure from scratch - truly "some assembly required." The instructions fail to show how to put the figure together - an assembly step that is often left out by the Bootlegers.

I don't know if the windshield is lifted from another clone brand or not, but it's certainly not a part manufactured by the LEGO corporation. A shame, really, as it could be a fairly useful part in the real world.

The cycle itself is a heavily modified 2-wheel version of the LEGO 3-wheel bike. We've seen this retooling before in a bootleg released under the Xin Qi Le brand: 1 Police Patrol.

The mini-figure is mostly LEGO duplicates - the face is a single-color reprint of an Exo-Force face, the torso a reprint of a classic CITY Police design. The helmet is Non-LEGO. (We've seen the hemlet before in the Ack Ack bootleg, another Xin Qi Le offense. Maybe BRICK works out of the same factory.)

It it weren't for the odd colors (red and tan guns?) and sad looking Mini-figure this would almost be a nice set. Provided you didn't, you know, want to play with it or anything. Because this plastic is brittle and pointy. And probably filled with lead.

Just saying.

Once again, many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Nick said...

Really? I'd probably think "It's the thought that counts" and probably just put it somewhere. But your whole thing there is mean. Somebody probably really wanted to get you something you like, and you go and destroy it in a childish fit or rage.

Seriously, what did the hypothetical person ever do to you?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these bootleg reviews. I've been reading them ever since you started, and I'm thrilled you're doing them daily now. I love seeing what crap you'll come up with next!

Did the bootleggers ever make any larger sets? Anything with 100+ pieces?

Christopher Doyle said...


I have some (slightly) larger sets in the queue - and Joe (my source) is always on the lookout for any bigger LEGO knockoffs. I'm sure they're out there - it's just the trick of finding them. Most bootleg sets tend to adhere to the "make 'em cheap/sell 'em cheap" philosophy - making the larger set (of any legit toy, really) a rare find.

Thanks for reading!

Danny said...

they got 5 things right from the pictures the color of the pistol the leg colors the head (as in the head had no color in the pictures) the helmet and the motorcycle colors i think they were trying to get as much right as possible so they don't get sued

Peppermint_M said...

The windscreen is pretty cool, too bad it's cheap plastic. The motorcycle variation would look good in Lego too.

I have found offbrand building blocks make the large sets, bootlegs are all small "impulse" sized sets that are sold in £/$ shops in the scary toy section.

Brian said...

I like that the cop/soldier/whatever is using Pirate flintlock blunderbusses... Hitek!

Mr.Acme said...

You are always having spelling mistakes.

Ben said...

Chris, are you going to be adding anything to the "lego" section of the website?

Christopher Doyle said...


Yeah, probably. I'd like to think more of them are "typos" than otherwise - I do try and use the auto-correct features. *shrug* Nobody's perfect.

What, I'm not generating content fast enough for you?
More seriously: I'm working on a few big LEGO projects - so, eventually, yes.

(And hopefully in time for BrickWorld.)

georged said...

Shame the helmet hasn't been made by LEGO, it would go GREAT with some of my sets.

Samuel said...

Uh, I think I know a brand called
Banbao and I am 99.9999% sure it's a Lego bootleg. (Plus,I remember it
made a set about 2500+ pieces on a

Samuel said...

I'm sure this brand called "Banbao"
is a Lego bootleg.(Also, it made a set that was 2500+ pieces on a battleship.