Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Day: Things get worse (or better, depending.)

The Bad Day gets worse for the citizens of Micropolis - another batch of entries arrived over the weekend. I've updated the entry grids with them - browse and be amazed!

We scored a blog mention over at The Brothers Brick, so hopefully we'll be reaching a even wider audience with this contest. Reasonably Clever fans have had a few extra weeks to work on their creations, though, so I'm still hoping for a "home team" advantage.

Remember, you have until May 3rd to get your entries in!

Ian Healy's entry: Cthulu Released.
If a busy webcomic author like Ian has time to build and entry, so do you!


Brick Alchemist said...


I am curious to know if you have attempted a creation in the Micropolis Standard. Purhaps a Miropolis Brick House?

Christopher Doyle said...


I haven't had a chance yet - too busy with other projects. I meant to do a few sample entries...but time just got away from me.

My old Brick house mini is very close to Micropolis scale, though. I'll have to see about adapting it.

CorneliusMurdock said...

Um, I noticed a typo in my text. Isn't that always the way, finding a typo after the message has been sent?
If you don't mind could you delete the second "or" in the middle of the sentence?

Christopher Doyle said...