Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Fail: Building Block Sports Car

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Today's bootleg is interesting not so much for the vehicle, but rather for the huge amount of theft involved in the figure's torso. Intrigued? Then read on to learn the secrets of the Building Block Sports Car.

The BBSC comes from the shifty folks at Kazi - the same folks who brought us yesterday's Fail of Drill Car. Today's set is stock number 6308. Combine that with Drill Car's number of 6311 and I'd guess that we're looking at a 12-vehicle assortment. That's just a guess, as I only have these two sets to work from.

The front of the box shows the BBSC racing down the road in front of a city skyline. The art and production values are fairly high, and if you weren't familiar with the company named "LEGO" you might mistake this for a legitimate toy.

The back of the box shows three assembly options - a fairly standard practice for bootleg LEGO impulse sets like this one. That all three models are decent looking is a bit of a shock, though.

At least we can rely on the sides of the packaging to give us some broken English and hint at the Bootlegged Nature of the toy. The text on this side reads:

Specifications colours and contents may vary from illustrations

In other words, you might find the toy shown on the box inside, or there might be a rabid woodchuck. You pay your money and you take your chance.

The flip side has the Kazi "Mission Statement":

By developing intelligence, and inspiring potential. To make children grow up with happiness.

I'd be more likely to trust a motto like that if it weren't stuck on the package of a LEGO knock-off. As it is, you have to wonder at their definition of "happiness" includes forcing LEGO workers into unemployment...

The instruction sheet is two sided, printed on decent paper, and fairly detailed and easy to follow. I included a scan of it for no particular reason. Oh. I guess I could point out that it's a rather odd choice to use two 1x6 plates in the assembly instead of a single 2x6 one. There. I've justified my scan.

The minifigure is cast from standard LEGO molds, but, as mentioned earlier, it's the design on the figure's torso that deserves some attention. For starters, it has the Kazi logo on it. That's a bit odd in itself...but look at where the rest of the design comes from!

The two inset photos show the designs for the LEGO X-Treme team and Star Wars Stormtrooper torsos. It's easy to see Kazi copied the collar design from one and the ammo belt from the other. Why would they do that? I have no idea.

The face design, by the way, is also a LEGO duplication - that smirk was first seen on the LEGO Han Solo mini.

Like the minifigure, the toy itself is identical to what's shown on the box art. Apparently that huge disclaimer about "contents may vary" was just a bluff.

Like the other Kazi bootleg we've seen, the parts are all cast of decent plastic, the wheels and hubs are individual parts, and the bricks actually snap together well. If it weren't for "KAZI" being printed on the tops of all the studs you'd think you'd found some actual LEGO product.

But don't let the "Super" on the figure's torso fool you. This set is anything but. This is a bootleg.

A nasty, icky bootleg.

And don't you forget it.
As always, many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Great escaper said...

Dear god! Have we stumbled into the Twilight Zone were bootlegs are suddenly good? Mabye the combination of torsos can give the bootlegs a claim for legality, at first glance you would think its not like any part in the Lego line, meaning no cause for a lawsuit? Like even the collar off the X-team sets has been reversed, this set seems like the bootleggers have put a lot of effort into this set! :O

Ben said...

there were no Hloi or other tripe like that? The bootleggers actually have custom molds? thats almost caring......

Ben said...

sorry, Holi, not hloi

Christopher Doyle said...

from the review:
"If it weren't for "KAZI" being printed on the tops of all the studs..."

Kadzar said...

I'm starting to think maybe I should send you my bootlegs to review. I'd keep the silver cutlass, though.

anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

hey chris do you have this? it says it was made by brick but different logo.

Two of Four said...

OMG A Bootleg That's Actually Good!Next To The Torso Thingy,That Pledge Is TRUE!May I Shoot myself Now?

Two of Four said...

Hey,KAZI,As In KamaKAZI,Thats Right Folks,This Toy Slams Into Your Kids And Explodes.

Anonymous said...

@Two Of Four
Well, almost. Kamikaze is spelt with an E at the end, not an I.

monoloco35 said...

made this one with actual lego bricks is not bad at all i think #escaper is rigth we are in the twilight zone!!!
(twilight zone theme song)