Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spooky Star Wars: Final Days!

The Entry Grids for Spooky Star Wars are up to date - and the turnout so far is pretty light. There are some very nice models - but honestly I was expecting to see some more builders represented. Hopefully everyone is doing the usual - waiting until very near the deadline to submit...

Speaking of, you still have until this Sunday to get your entries in - but learn a lesson from our past contests and don't wait until the last day to submit. We've had some real prize-worthy entries have to be sidelined due to late emails. I'd hate to see that happen again this time around.

Click the banner to check out the rules - and get to building!

1 comment:

takua-777 said...

just out of interest, what do y'all think of my entry? it's in the death of jar-jar category.