Friday, October 17, 2008

Episode 542

Read the comic here.

Note the classy tattoo on the dancer's back. I had built this figure a long time ago (although with a different hairstyle), back in the days when I didn't have a baggie of plain yellow torsos on hand. So I swapped the arms on a classic space torso and called it
"good enough".


Geoffrey said...!_(TV_series)

I am actually old enough to remember this 70's era TV show, which aired on the local broadcast channels back then.

Boy, the fossils from the past Chris manages to dig up! Congratulations on turning Ted back into his pre-chili self.

Great escaper said...

This seems like a bit of a shortcut =/. Altthough, gladly, it does get rid of that very confusing plot Chris had going on.

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I like your meandering plot. Left turns are what makes it more fun.

Uncle Servo said...

Wow... certainly can't say that I saw this coming. Stripper smooches aren't exactly what I would have considered as an effective antidote to reality-warping chili. O_o

I remember watching that show too, Geoffrey -- although I have to admit I heard Gomer Pyle's voice when I read the "SHAZAM!" sound effect.

So this is taking care of Neo/Morpheus who will probably in turn take off (eh?) from the set... but that still leaves the question of how they're going to get the magic beans.

Unless the Frog's Legs is right next to a Fantasyland Mexican restaurant?

TK1420 said...

Wow, all it took was a smooch from the stripper to make Ted a man?

Usually it takes a lap dance or a trip to the "gold room" for those kinds of gals to, um, 'initiate' a fella.

Danny said...

i was expecting that to happen actually.

Tobi99 said...

That was...akward. Anyway, I can't wait to see Fox and Wash again. Also, how'd you get so many storylines?

Nick said...

Tobi: It's because none of his story lines ever end. They just start a new one when they seem like they're going to end. :P

Martijn said...

But deep inside the question burns:

will Donut regain his old appearance as well?

Would come in handy in the unlikely event that the cast will meet Luka again and atleast ONE storyline will be closed...

No offense btw, none at all, I love this comic!

Zepher said...

He resolves storylines... sorta... well, maybe he sometimes does... yeah, not really. There's atleast one main plot, which is the Cola Wars, which I feel we're getting back to, so cheers, good stuff, funny yet effective way to get us back on track!

Anonymous said...

The word is actually "voilĂ " or "voila", not "viola".

That is all.