Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Episode 540

Read the comic here.

For the record, the guys *did* think of this - they were trying to change Morpheus back when Neo decided to Chili-Up. Then the wheels came off, and they were off on to other plans. (See strip 485)

This scripting style is based on "Real Life", as anyone who works in an office environment with more than one manager can tell you.


Geoffrey said...

I wonder if Ian's learned anything useful to making his own webcomic from following the misadventures of Doyle's webcomic characters?

Who knows what might have happened if Cowboy Curtis had eaten another mouthful of chili?

Uncle Servo said...

Uhm... he could go from Cowboy Curtis to Voodoo in "Quicksilver?"

I'll take 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' for $100, Alex... :)

g5 said...

I know this is strip is nearly 18 months old but I've only just started to read the archives.

I really love the detail in this strip with the lady cavorting in the foreground while the group discusses things in the background.