Thursday, October 23, 2008

Episode 546

Read the comic here.


Anonymous said...

From where I stand that's good advice for anyone. Man, what do they put in that stuff?

Geoffrey said...

I sure hope he remembers that advice!

Or the next taste he gets of Donut's chili will turn him into who knows what.

BTW, Chris, what happened to the Google sign-in page that's normally got the Google username and password field?

I had to use the "sign up for a blogger/Google account" just to sign in so I could post comments.

Uncle Servo said...

Man, those are words to live by right there...

And yeah, what's with the new format? Wasn't a problem once I could get signed in and all, but was just wondering.

Maarten said...

@ Geoffrey,
Strange, it seems as I was already logged in when I
clicked the comments link.

Zacknut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zacknut said...

ok third try's the charm.

-typed message
-hit "google account"
-enterd letter-thingy
-brought me to old comment page

-retyped message
-did letter-thigny
-hit post

-typin message
-gonna hit "zacknut(google)"
-gonna hit post

If this don't work im gonna be seriusly ticked

btw, anyone know whats up w/ Brother's Brick? I cant get it to load...

Zacknut said...

hey! its back to normal