Monday, October 6, 2008

Episode 533

Read the comic here.

Yes, I know you all figured out this was Ian the moment he appeared. But remember Whiskey has never seen him before in person - much less in LEGO form.


Geoffrey said...

"It's payyyback time, Whiskey".

Well, that would be more cool if I could get shimmer effect on the letters lol.

I suppose Whiskey has always had it coming to him. *grins* Hopefully not too permanently scarring. ;)

Ian said...

"Tiiiiiiiny bubblesssssss..."

Yer crackin' me up, Chris. :)

samthelegoman1 said...

I totally lost the storyline after Cowboy Curtis and Neo came along. Can someone re-inform me on the past events?

dave the rave said...

*leaves computer to get popcorn*

dave the rave said...


Ok here it goes:

Morpheus who is cowboy curtis was a cat until he ate Donuts chili. then Neo came to find Morpheues. But Neo accidently ate the chili so now Ted is here. They have to find a way to stop thee Matrix so they use technology from Scotch's home planet but Donut needs magic beans so they're all here in storybookland to get some.

*passes out*

Geoffrey said...

Well, they actually have to find a way to stop some rampaging robots that are tearing up wherever Neo/Morpheus come from. Dave the Rave had most of it though.

Nick said...

Well I think the robots are the Matrix, so Dave was completely right.

I dunno, I haven't seen the movie.

Anonymous said...

what mech?

Christopher Doyle said...

Anon: You'll need to check the archives for Whiskey's adventures in S-Team land.