Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Episode 549

Read the comic here.

That's not the same door that's been in the background - this one clearly has a strip of lights along the top and a bouncer. Looking back, I probably should have tweaked the design a bit more.


takua-777 said...

lol at the troll with a top hat.

off topic: you guys get my entry for death of jar-jar vignette, right? I was runing low on parts when I made it, so build-wise it sucks.

Uncle Servo said...

I'm with Whiskey on this one. Ewwwww... O_o

Baz said...

Nice hat :D

Geoffrey said...

Well, at least one of them besides their new-found friend, Ian, is having some fun!

And apparently, Ian's decided he's hiding out in another strip from somebody. :) Fun Fun Fun! I can hardly wait till I can get my PC back - just have to pay for it!

Anonymous said...

why couldn't whiskey the troll with hot wings? trolls LLOVE TO EAT.