Monday, August 18, 2008

LEGO: Owlship V3

I finished my revamp of the Owlship. This time it's closer to scale with the comic version, with a bit more accurate styling.

I also found a solution for the window issue - lots and lots of robot arms from the Exo-Force line and dishes from Belville. It'll do until better parts come along.

Brickshelf Gallery here, when moderated. I've also updated the build review here at Reasonably Clever.


kile said...

For your Rorschach, I think he could use a pair of dark blue legs.

Christopher Doyle said...

Ah, but to be true to the comic, shouldn't they be purple? ;)

I'm hoping to delve a bit more into custom figure creation over the Labor Day holiday - there's a slight chance some Watchmen will be the end result.


Anonymous said...

nice job i love the custom box idea and are you doing anything else on the watchmen theme

kile said...

@Chris: Ah, yes. Quite right. I'm still waiting to see your Comedian though.

mark said...

Wonderful stuff.

I'll show my sons (7 and 12) when I get home. They'll get a kick out of it!


Anonymous said...


did you sell the instruction to build it???
it's amazing and i'm very interested!!! thx