Monday, August 11, 2008

Episode 493

Read the comic here.

Cowboy Curtis is still quick with a plan. And, coming from a Kid's TV show perspective, his plans are madcap enough to get serious consideration from the crew. (As opposed to when a visiting Sandstorm tried to suggest something back in strip 351.)


Geoffrey said...

I've seen better plans come from monkeys. Surely one of their group has something actually worthwhile?

Although, we do get to have a bit of backstory on Scotch. :)

Uncle Servo said...

I think Zombie Wash put it best: "logic" is never the right answer.

Me, I'd just get Donut to serve the machine army some of his reality-warping chili and turn 'em all back into Atari 2600 consoles... but that might use up all the uber-peppers and send the BH folks on yet more misadventures.

Starpoint said...

Uh, it's toads that are rumored to give you warts, NOT frogs. Frogs are smooth and slimy. Toads are rough and bumpy.

Christopher Doyle said...

Whoops. Yeah, that's the myth. Dialog has been adjusted.

Starpoint said...


Anonymous said...

The King? So THAT's who URK is!