Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 500

Read the comic here.

Okay. Maybe one last dig at For Better Or For Worse.


Geoffrey said...

"Do it again!"

The Aussies who actually watch RACQ car insurance ads in Australia will get the meaning of this quote immediately. ;-)

Not sure if the US readership will get it though. I don't know if there's an explanatory internet version of it yet. I might explain it tomorrow, if no-one else does.

Sir Sploo said...

For some strange reason I love whiskey's new career.

500th Episode and yet no big revelation?!! *sigh*

Or are you saving it for the 600th Episode?

Ian said...

LOL at Whiskey.


Maarten said...

Congrats Chris!
500 episodes of laughter, jokes and bad puns!

lexpendragon said...

I just realized where this is heading, as Cowboy Curtis and Theodor Logan both show up in the same scene of the Ultimate Showdown!

Adam said...


cutbrbh (Word Verification)