Monday, August 11, 2008

LEGO: Owlship V2

I wasn't completely happy with the scale and shape of the Owlship I designed. So I've gone back to take a second pass at it.

This is a "work in progress". I'd like to solve the window issue a bit more elegantly, and the interior needs to be built. But the exterior is more or less done. It's roughly 20% smaller - and thus more to scale with the comic version. The shape is a lot closer to the source material, as are the rear engines.

It's a lot less like the movie version, though. Eh. You have to make choice somewhere.

Expect one more update on this once I get a chance to finish the interior. I'm also playing around with making some decals for Nite Owl and Rocharch minis to accompany the new version. Stay tuned to see how that turns out...

1 comment:

Paul Lee said...

You should also make a Comedian minifig and have posed on the owlship with a shotgun.