Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Episode 499

Read the comic here.

Fish and visitors stink after three days. - Benjamin Franklin


Geoffrey said...

Now we get to find out which side the Brick House will be supporting. ;)

But first there's the small matter of getting there.

Uncle Servo said...

Whoever said "getting there is half the fun" apparently never had to travel with Cowboy Curtis and Ted "Theodore" Logan... Although I will admit it, I'm certainly enjoying the ride from here.

By the way, I thought of this strip yesterday when I saw that Fishburne is replacing Bill Petersen on "CSI..."

Zacknut said...

Huzzah, tomorrow is 500!

Maarten said...

Tomorrow is the 500th strip!
Is there something special in store for us?

Anonymous said...

i know you have a lot to do with the strip but can you fill out the character and props section please and also just out of interest how's massive serenity going

Semibrick said...

Lol,scotch gave in to easy..
P.S.,Doyle,can you put kent/han solo's head in the buymemizer?

Jude Calvert-Toulmin said...

geoffrey, i downsized my blog for you ;) it's half the size now :)

chris you've drawn me into your comic world now, i LOVE your comic :)

anyway, i started a thread about lego on the design forum i go on, linking to chris's stuff, and some of the other posters are talking about oblong pictures who i'd never heard of before. i was just wondering whether any of you have seen their stuff? actually it's just one guy.

i'm assuming that the world of lego artists is a small one that's all...