Sunday, August 24, 2008

Interview at LAMLRadio

A few days ago I joked in the blog about the old adage "Keep silent and be thought a fool, or open your mouth and remove all doubt."

When will I ever learn?

Yes, fast on the heels of that lovely interview with Jude, I was offered a chance to be a part of LAMLRadio's "A builder a day in August" event. I'm August 21st.

So, if you ever wondered how dorky I sound in real life (hint: a lot) you can now click on the image above and hear for yourself.

(LAML has been having a bit of site trouble lately, so just in case I've mirrored the podcast here.)


Geoffrey said...

To Chris Doyle: Where's Monday's strip got to??

I haven't checked out your interview, I just want to find out if we're gonna have to put up with another week of fireman jokes or if the characters are finally gonna see some sort of action!

Sophie said...

You DO sound dorky!

TK1420 said...

Nice interview!

Christopher Doyle said...


Insert usual annoyed rant of "When you can show me your own strip we'll talk" here.


I did warn you.


Thanks. :)

TK1420 said...

lol @ response to Geoffrey..