Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Cube Dude: Spider Jerusalem

Here's a little guy I built as a distraction from all the LEGO sorting I was doing this weekend.

Spider Jerusalem LEGO Cube Dude
Spider Jerusalem rendered in the Cube Dude style.

(Created by Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson
from the DC/Vertigo series TRANSMETROPOLITAN)

I think there's something troubling about seeing anything Warren Ellis had a hand in creating presented in a standard developed by a man from Disney/Pixar.

But I just had to build him anyway.


Legowink said...

why is there a hole in his head, is it a missing peice?

Christopher Doyle said...


The character has a tattoo of a spider on his head - the black brick represents that. (Tried putting a LEGO spider there - looked terrible. Sadly, there isn't a 1x1 tile in tan of a spider. (There is one in sand green, but it looked worse than the plastic spider.)