Thursday, January 28, 2010

Episode 868

Read the comic here.

The joke, of course, is that's exactly what I'm doing.

Second update later today to get caught up again. *sigh*


Striker said...

I don't like the way Whiskey's top head's staring at you in the fourth panel. Reminds me a bit of a serial killer...

Also, Chris, I figured by this point you would decide to play God and have the story planned out from beginning to end. But, I guess since this has been running for three years, it would be hard to memerize everything you wanted to happen.

That, and all the new sets you involve in your plot, such as the Advent Calendars, or, to go into more specif sets, the Pirate and Castle advent calendar.

WV - aplestm - Applestem. The worst part of the apple.

ROFL said...

But Chris, You are makeing it up as you go along.