Friday, January 22, 2010

Episode 865

Read the comic here.

I figured this would be a great time to deal with the ongoing theme that my characters hate being in my comic.


TK1420 said...

The whole notion of you handing yourself down there is kind of a brain twister. Keen!

bradley said...


btw:what is the monkey from? u wore back when "pat o' butterham" was alive

Great escaper said...

@TK1420 Yeah, your right, it reminds me of that film, the powers of ten.

It really blows your mind thinking about the changing scales.

Geoffrey said...

That's a great way to show off that custom torso you got at a BrickFest!

I wonder if the minifig Chris Doyle is going to introduce Donut III to what is really going on in the author-verse?

And of course, the author-verse storyline is a great way to increase episode numbers when you just don't feel like making a set or building more complicated devices for the story itself.

RJBT said...

Didn't this already happen in Adventures of the S-Team?

Anonymous said...

Yes it did,
But in that, the author entered the comic-verse.
In this storyline, the characters entered the author-verse.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, responding to RJBT:
Technically, S-Team did both - Tortoise entered the author-verse and kidnapped Ian. But his time in the author-verse was brief (I believe only one strip?) so he didn't suffer much in the way of adverse affects.

Donut III & Luka? I don't think they'll be as lucky... I mean, look at how long they've been in Detroit already!

Martijn said...

It's fun to see how all the commenters on this strip (if at all) only worry about the fate of Donut and Luka. Doesn't anyone care about Whiskey? Or Scotch? O.o

Nice plot twist btw. I really look forward to seeing how the Doyle that so far only put the comic on hiatus so he could show off with his Chrome Vader and whatnot is gonna interact with the rest of the cast ^^

Christopher Doyle said...

@RJBT et al:

Both the S-Team and Brick House have had the authors interacting with the cast (in one way or another) since the start of the strips. But it's hardly a new idea.

My inspiration came from the Grant Morrison run of Animal Man from the early 1990's.