Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Episode 853

Read the comic here.

Once again my characters get uppity. I can't really blame them. From their perspective it's a lot like being in the Matrix - interacting with the Agents/Authors is bad enough...but you don't want to go visiting the Motor City.

Detroit is known as the Motor City, for those of you didn't know. So it's sort of a matrix-y pun.

Oh, nevermind.


Geoffrey said...

I always figured Whiskey would be some kind of mechanic. He likes flame throwers and giant cooking robots!

Great escaper said...

Haha! Also yeah, as a non-american, the first thing I think of when I think of Detroit is Ford. That and Axel Foley.

Flamero Burns said...

I think of Chevy and failing company's.

Laura said...

I think of airplanes from here. Speaking of that, does Donut have increased the security of the time-space chili and the plot device drive? Could be dangerous when falling into the wrong hands.