Monday, January 4, 2010

Arvo's LEGO Polaroid

The nice thing about LEGO creations is that if you like someone else's, you can usually make your own copy.

Case in point: I had a friend lusting after the Arvo Brother's LEGO Polaroid MOC. With a bit of luck (and leveraging the fact I have a metric ton of brick on hand) I was able to come pretty close to duplicating their build to make a gift of it.

Arvo Brothers' LEGO Polaroid

Trying to figure out the techniques used to make this model was a decent challenge, and I dare say I learned a few new tricks in the process.

You learn by doing, sometimes.


Geoffrey said...

For a minute there I was wondering why Chris would post a photo of a polaroid camera on his blog! Nice work, Chris!

Great escaper said...

Yeah, great job! It looks really realistic!

TK1420 said...

That takes me back. Good work!

bradley said...

this why you needed those clear bricks?????????????????