Friday, January 15, 2010

Atlantis on Clearance? Really?

Here's a weird one. Friends in Madison, Wisconsin found that two of their local Targets had the full Atlantis wave on CLEARANCE. One had them marked down 30% the other....50%!

(Yes, I badgered them into picking some up for me, so I know the sale prices were real.)

Targets in Detroit, however, had them at full price. The display was the same - a newly stocked endcap - but sadly, no little red stickers.

My guess is back-room confusion as to what needed the End-of-season clearance tags. But you never know - you might be in one of the "lucky" zones with the latest sets on sale.

Comment and let us know if you find them for cheap!


Lich Barrister said...

Man, oh man... why can't I have truly incompetent retail staff in the toy departments around here? Great score for you!

Paul Lee said...

One of my LUG members tipped me off that his local Target had the same thing. All Atlantis sets at 50%. It was at the Manhattan Beach store in California. I hustled over first thing in the morning. It was about 45 minutes away for me. You can see my haul:

I did swing by my local Target on the way back and it had Atlantis sets, but at full price. Another odd factoid, the Clearance Aisle of the Manhattan Beach Target had some Lego sets from last year on clearance (power miners, space police, town) but they were only 30% off. Weird huh? It doesn't make any sense. I was able to score $200 worth of Atlantis sets for $100.

vik said...

my targets atlantis sets are 75% off

Robbert said...

I got a five-finger discount! :p

Robbert said...

(yes, yes, I am *kidding*!)

alyska said...

When I spoke with the manager of the toy department, he said that, in our (Madison) case, the markdown WAS correct, and was because they were marking down a bunch of stuff storewide to prepare for remodelling -- adding a full grocery to both stores.

He said that the actual percentage of the discount varies from store to store based on stock numbers and how quickly they move at any particular location.