Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fan Art!

While you're waiting for content from me (it's on the way, promise), here's a page of great Fan Art!

From the artist:
One fanart pic isn't enough, and my art has improved. Now I'm into manga (and I now have a scanner) so I couldn't help doing this. Strip #21 from the archives, done in manga style (with the read right to left, too.) Apologies about Whiskey's appearance, but it's hard to convert a LEGO character to manga style (even if the head's based off it) and the bowl cut was impossible to match to the real LEGO piece, as it turned out either to cartoonish or too spiky. The shading was fun to do, even though my scanner doesn't get all of it. (It looks WAY better in real life.)

-Cheers, KS

Well, even if the real thing is better, I'm still quite impressed with this. Click the pic for a larger view! And here's a quick link back to Episode 21 for comparison.


Anonymous said...

Nice work chris.
Alough I feel the final panel needs to be on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Chris didn't do that. That's KS, probably KumarStudios, who is an internet buddy of mine.


Ben said...

chris didnt draw that. it was KS

Fortyk said...

That is so awesome! I love the way Whiskey seems totally uncaring about the fire. :P