Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Episode 720

Read the comic here.

I wanted to keep everyone on that fountain-set for a while longer, but the story has dragged them elsewhere. So I had to build a new set.

To me, today's lines are delivered with a wistful feel, even if the subject matter is rather creepy.

The subtle friendship between these two characters surprised me - I had planned for them to be more antagonistic. But it does make sense - they've been working closely together for years now, raising a family of sorts. Sure, it's a psychotic family with a basis of lies and kidnapping, but every family has a few skeletons in the closet.


Mr.Acme said...

Why is it I am the first one to read the comic, but last one to get their comment posted?

Great escaper said...

I have a theory that came to me last night, what if "Steve", the Cola Brick executive guy, is an older Mary Beth who has travelled back in time? You can't see the person's face and they are working for the company that has Scotch's brother, she might have felt a degree of loyalty and, as evidenced by this strip, she is obviously turning into a ruthless killer.

Anonymous said...

@ Great Escaper
I didn't realize we had proof that was Scotch's brother.
Probably, but still. Knowing Chris he'll probably pull another plot twist or red herring on us.

Christopher Doyle said...

@Little Fire:

I was pretty sure I had established the other frog is Scotch's brother, particularly within the cola-brick/brick-cola context.

And, for those of you wondering, yes, that's Scotch's brother on the gold SODA armor. There's in-strip dialog to make that more clear on the way.

Anonymous said...

I was just going over the first comics,and i remembered the two people who would later be the leaders of the soda companies were looking for their father. Will their father ever be revealed?

Martijn said...

@ Anon, that's prolly the same as asking if the strip is ever to end :P

I for one thought we were coming pretty close to an end before the hiatus though.

But hey, it's the Brick House we're reading here. Storylines never came to an end before everyone would move on to a completely different subplot XD
Looks like nothing has changed :P

No offense there Chris. Being a comic artist (on a very amateuristic level though) myself, I just love how you completely change subjects every time, without TBH ever getting dull. Keep on the good stuff!

WV: paltur
Sounds like a Tolkienesk Dwarven name...

Ben said...

hooray!!!! agent thirteen is back! and he no longer has a generic face. but what happend to his eye?

Mr.Acme said...


Probably got shot in the eye.

wv: moplaft