Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Episode 719

Read the comic here.

This strip helps clarify the new setting's era - several years after the main cast vanished into "Plot Device" drive. The kidnapped Sour Children* are now teenagers, raised by Scotch's Brother and his Red Herring Army.

*Wash's last name is Sour, as revealed back in Episode 621


Ninjaxenomorph said...

What head is that?

Christopher Doyle said...

It's the "Troll King" from set 7097.

Al459163 said...

Your vacation from making comics was spent making new sets, not burning your budget on a chrome Vader, right.

Christopher Doyle said...


Actually, I built the current set months ago, but never had a chance to use it.

I spent my vacation being deathly ill, and far from my brick. :-\

Ben said...

the fish guards are pretty cool. oh, how did the frogs get their SODA armour?

Sam Robinson said...

So Fox and Wash are Whiskey's parents and now Scotch and that troll-looking character are taking care of Scotch and Mary? I thought the comic was about them being adults, not a growing up.

Christopher Doyle said...


The guards have a more obvious placement in upcoming strips- I'm glad someone noticed them in the background, though.

As to the armor...that's part of the mystery.


That's not Scotch. Scotch is currently in plot-device travel with The Head of Donut.

And the adults will be back soon enough - just keep reading.

Nick said...

Just noticed that fountain you built like, a year ago. Nice to see it made it in.