Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episode 374

Read the comic here.

I'm not really satisfied with this set, but I ran out of time and didn't want to delay the strip any more than necessary. I figure I can continue to upgrade things and just call it "interior decorating". Heck, if the changes are drastic enough, maybe I can get a strip out of it.

If you're not a homeowner, feel free to skip today's punchline. There are some things you just have to experience to understand.


splash1 said...

i don't like the set either..
where's Luca? you know...from the second floor?

dark whiskey said...

Yea!Where is luca?I hadn't seen her in a while.

TK1420 said...

Is that a gigantic bowl of chili I see?

somesome said...

if its chilli im not surprised

i dont like luka

kinko said...

i dont like the set at all. i hope the old 1 is bak 4 tomorrows strip

Geoffrey said...

I like the set, it's a bit sparse though. Doyle, couldn't you have posted a gag strip on Mary Sue's fate or something while building?

If it takes a day extra to do a more complete setting, I don't mind.

What's considerably of more interest is where the rest of the gang will wind up. Also of interest is where Whiskey and Donut will wind up landing that thing, if I know Whiskey and his frog, they'll find a way to make absolute hell break loose.

Anonymous said...

Wait. You said Scotch can't talk anymore, but what's preventing him from using the 'circle language' he did way back in the early strips?

Anonymous said...

im sorry this doesnt have any thing to do with your blog... but in the entry discription in the steam punk challenge you said something about starting on march 1st. just wanted to make sure you didnt "accidently" missed it.