Monday, February 11, 2008

Episode 359

Read the comic here.

The Bean There, Done That has appeared in a few episodes in the past, particularly the Valentine's Day bonus episode from last year.

After all the fast paced action of the past couple of weeks, we're taking a small breather. Don't worry, though, big things are still happening this week.

You'll see.


dark whiskey said...

Maybe whiskey will leave his state and travel the world fleeing from the police.

dark whiskey said...

By the way doyle where did you get fox's and zombie wash's head?

Christopher Doyle said...

Fox's head is from Hitomi from 8701 (Fight for the Golden Tower)

Wash's head is a Darth Vader from some random Star Wars set - I forget which.

PR said...

teh caffeinez! i neeeeedz dem!

dark whiskey said...

That one guy behind whiskey in panel 1 is giving him a very angry look.