Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jango Fett Pen - with Chromed elements

I was at Toys R Us last night picking up my latest Bricktober promotional brick when I spotted something unusual mixed in with the Star Wars figures.

Most of you are familiar with my facination with chromed LEGO products - imagine my surprise when I spotted a $5 LEGO pen set incorporating a Jango Fett minifigure...with a chrome helmet/backpack!

jango pen

Although identical in scale, this is NOT a typical LEGO mini-figure. In fact, if I hadn't bought it at Toys R Us, and removed it from LEGO branded packaging, I would have sworn it was a bootleg. Super cheap plastic, one-peice legs, poor interlocking on the parts, and a general feel of "crap". But...hey! Chrome helmet!

Yes, you can swap out the chrome for the existing Jango Fett helmet if you don't mind a giant hole in the top.

Click through to my Flickr Stream for many more photos, including several comparison shots with the classic Jango Fett mini.


Sam said...

Why is there an Orc symbol on the chrome brick? Also: I had a basketball lego pen. Itsall the same cheap material. Even when you take the arms off, its completely different from a normal fig

Anonymous said...

I've got a darth Vader pen like that.
Alough you can't move the legs the head has a useful stud on the top, good for attaching things like hats to it, meaning I have to use less blu-tack. He'll be appearing very soon in my legoville comic.

Anonymous said...

Sam, that's not an orc symbol. It's an animal skull, which is a symbol of mandalorians. Which is what Jango fett is. Anyways, here's the link to the article, if you're interested:


WV:Puppromi Sounds like pepperoni...

Danny said...

thats exactly how i felt when I got my Artoo - Deetoo pen

Anonymous said...

I was thinkin about gettin one of those because that helmet would look good on my custom jango so maybe i can shave the stud off and use that.