Thursday, October 29, 2009

Episode 791

Read the comic here.

Scotch's master plan comes to light - will it be enough to save Christmas?


Anonymous said...

Scotch is gonna abdicate ... provided 13 agrees to certain things which shall become obvious very soon?

Or is this a setup for another plot twist?

The next episode could be crucial. Or not.

bradley said...

save chrismas? what

Ben said...

probably a refence to the common christmas special formula in which christmas is in danger in some way.
in the synopsises in the tv guide it will usually have something along these lines:
"when the adults start getting rid of snow will frosty be able to save christmas?"

wv:caring, wow a real word!

Legowink said...

Lol in shool today i read a storie "Horned toad". The storie has a tiny part in it when this kid finds a frog that looks like it has horns. Anyway he named it juan.

Anonymous said...

How ironic.

Wait a minute... If Scotch didn't want the throne, why was Juan trying to kill him?

Christopher Doyle said...

@Little Fire

Scotch is simplifying things a bit for 13 (and the reader) here. Juan was afraid that Scotch's dad would give Scotch the throne, so Juan tried to eliminate the competition. (Their dad died during the same time span where Kid!Whiskey grew into Teen!Whiskey making this a win-by-default for Juan)