Thursday, October 22, 2009

Episode 786

Read the comic here.

In panel two you can just make out the LEGO-based flame that I almost used in yesterday's strip. (Until I decided the real flame would look cooler)

Alternate discussion topic: Dead frogs as heat shields. A new industry waiting to happen?


Anonymous said...

Dead frogs as heat shields? Hmm, I don't think NASA could be convinced they'd be good enough. They ought to know, they use a lot of heat shielding with that according to the wiki article here:

Myself, I'd prefer proper heat shielding over a frog any day.

Flamero Burns said...


@ Anon 1: I wouldn't ether....

Legovillager said...

He's probably already been cloned 13. Weren't you listening?

Caill says word verification. Caill Indeed.