Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Episode 785

Read the comic here.

This is what happens when you leave Tony Stark alone for too long. Poor Thirteen...will he ever find out what everyone else already knows?

The flame element was 'shopped in from a photo I took for my long-abandoned LEGO-Based Tarot Deck.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or did the rest of the party that were coming from the Professor's lab vanish into thin air without Agent 13, leaving him to an untimely roasting?

Christopher Doyle said...


I was going to do a strip showing Dr. Legostar fumbling with his access code and Thirteen rushing in ahead of everyone to *finally* find out what's going on...but I figured I had wasted enough time with that particular stalling tactic.

The rest of the are right behind him, though, as you'll see in tomorrow's episode.

Clifford said...

dang I thought- like for sure there would be atleast 1 wheel chair posted, mine will be coming soon

Clifford said...

Oh, one more thing, the city angec thing is a copy from one of the mini sets of the year 2000 advent calender!

Flamero Burns said...


That was a while ago, wow. Are you new? So am I.


Nice Picture!


Got Marshmallows?

Legovillager said...

Will thirteen be "slighty" burned?

If they used it on the herrings, they'd have roasted herring a'la flam'be.