Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SO not cool.

Someone stole LEGO Fusker from the LEGO house.

This is bad in and of itself.

But you know what? I know the person who BUILT that cat. This person has helped out Reasonably Clever in some very important ways - like helping me acquire last year's Castle Advent calendars (before the secret US stash was released.)

So help spread the word; maybe whoever "rescued" the cat from the doomed house will rescue it a second time - back to the rightful owners.


Anonymous said...

James May? As in Top Gear's James?

Great escaper said...

Yeah, the article about the cat being missing from the real life "Brick house" is on the top gear website. Seems like the lego community is quite well connected.

Fortyk said...

Saw this on facebook on Jeremy Clarkson's page. I'm confused, what's actually going on? Is this some person's MOC, and you're annoyed because BBC stole the image? Or is it actually James May's?

Christopher Doyle said...


A friend of Reasonably Clever's built the Cat MOC that was in James May's LEGO house. The cat was stolen from the LEGO house. There's a hunt going on to get the cat returned to James May, who, in turn, wants to send it back to my friend.

JimmytheJ said...

I get the feeling some dope who was helping take the house apart took it apart, or "liberated" it.